For admirers of Salvador Dali’s creations

It is the most memorable and recognizable picture all over the world.  Many people like for its beauty and for colorful paints on it, for Dali’s surrealism, for unusual «cartoon», irregularity, brilliance, simplicity in complexity, complexity in simplicity and so on.

Famous genius Salvador Dali shocks with his courage, eccentricity and imagination. He has very rich fantasy and unusual perception. 

For all his admirers and for our direst clients we are glad to offer clocks, made of by his picture «Persistence of Memory » Clock made of by brand KARE DESIGN with batteries AA. All clocks compact enough, quality, and looks beautifully and original. 

Unusual golden table clocks of plastic, black clock-dial, Arabic silver numbers with electronic mechanism. (one battery of AA).

      Analogous clocks but they are easier in perception, as they made in light tones, silver plastic case with white Roman clock-dial. This clocks not just table stand and also floor stand, hit sale 2012-2013. When the clocks of KARE DESIGN just appeared in our shops they became popular as not expensive, stylish original gift. It seems that it flows to the table making illusion of softness and easiness .It is an ideal gift for business partners and colleagues for corporate events. Clock flows blue coffee (we supposed that  beans of coffee as notes of time) from overturned cup, and it is also considered that clock is for shelf. It is made of ceramics, very stylish, original and fresh. We are sure that nobody leave them without attention. It looks harmonious in the kitchen.